Metro Group - Giving shape to dreams

26 November 2015



In the last decade and a half Navi Mumbai has witnessed stupendous growth. The reason it has come to be recognized as a model of urban development is the systematic and consistent development on all the fronts like – industrial, residential, health, education and lifestyle. Today, Navi Mumbai is a shining example of a planned city. But the real credit for this thumping achievement, along with the efficient administration, should go to the developers who chipped in to bring the development plan into reality. In this regard, Metro Group should get a special mention, for their exemplary work. They have not only developed properties but have immensely helped in beautifying the skyline of Navi Mumbai.

Metro Group, a veteran in the realty sector, has a pretty good track record. In the span of 20 years, they have to their credit some of the landmark creations, primarily in Chembur and Navi Mumbai. The group astutely identified the pressing need for the luxury apartment projects in Navi Mumbai due to the rapid industrial growth and developed number of classy structures in this region. In tune with their philosophy of developing spaces that have good connectivity, The Palms, a palatial residential project in the scenic beauty of Nerul enjoys exceptional connectivity. The Palms is not only spectacularly beautiful, but it promises elite standard living which fittingly complements its grand appearance. But it's not just looks, the level of finesse of design and showmanship The Palms has attained is unmatched in the entire Navi Mumbai region. 

Like The Palms, there are many properties of Metro Group which are strategically located and expertly crafted. Projects like Tulsi Sagar in Nerul and Tulsi Gagan in Kharghar narrate the same story. All these properties are located in the heart of the city. The industrial area, health and educational facilities all are in the calling distance. And as the town of Navi Mumbai is based on the edge of Mumbai-Pune express highway, it has great connectivity to the two big cities on its either sides. The point is, just offering luxurious amenities, and good designs is not going to do the job. It has to be in the strategic locations to make it a complete packed deal.