• 2001
    Established with a vision to build trust along with lifestyle spaces.
  • Tulsi Prerna by Metro Group Builders
    Tulsi Prerna
  • Tulsi Gagan by Metro Group
    Tulsi Gagan

  • 2003
    Completed four ultra-luxurious projects within a time span of 3 years
  • Chaurang

  • 2006
    Developed one of the most acclaimed projects of Navi Mumbai
  • Tulsi Sagar by Metro Group Developers
    Tulsi Sagar

  • 2009
    Delivered first million sq. ft. prime residential spaces.
  • Chourang Heights by Metro Group
    Chaurang Heights
  • Chourand Siddhi by Metro Group
    Chaurang Siddhi
  • Tulsi Pride
  • Majestic by Metro Group
    Tulsi Majestic

  • 2012
    Launched and successfully delivered first pilot project “Tulsi Marvel” within 24 months
  • Tulsi Marvel by Metro Group: Luxurious Residential Project in Chembur
    Tulsi Marvel

  • 2015
    Launched our new landmark project at Palm Beach Road called “The Palms”
  • Palms by Metro Group: 2 BHK Apartments For Sale in Nerul
    The Palms

  • 2016
    Now we plan to launch 2 ultra-luxurious projects in Chembur

  • Elita by Metro Group
    Swiss Boulevard
  • Nakshatra by Metro Group: 2 and 3 BHK Flats in Chembur For Sale


    Metro Group owes its origin and success to its founder Mr. Suresh C Jain, the Iron and Steel trading tycoon from Navi Mumbai. Together with other Investors/Promoters he commenced real estate developments in the year 2000.

    Over the last 16 years, the group has already delivered more than 1.5 million sq.ft of prime residential and commercial Living space and built a reputation for building trust along with homes. In the recent past, the Group has earned its stripes as one of the finest developers in Navi Mumbai and Chembur regions. The aim is not just to build homes, but also impact the lives of people.

    For most people, home is not just about four walls shaped with bricks and cement, but a world where love resides, memories are created and a foundation of a lifetime is being laid. Being a responsible real estate developer, the Group tales responsibility to provide them with world-class residential and commercial spaces, complimented with the highest standard of design, innovation and execution.

    Built on the foundation of trust, integrity, customer-centric approach and perfection, the company’s work always displays its core values. All this makes the experience of owning a Metro Group property comparable with none.

    Quality Policy

    We are committed to develop and construct aesthetically designed and economically viable residential / commercial building establishments by understanding the needs & expectations of interested parties aiming for total customer satisfaction.

    Our aim is:

    • To construct and deliver projects with quality workmanship & in stipulated timeframe.
    • To comply with applicable statutory and regulatory norms & protect consumer interest.
    • To create value in every project we develop & compete on product differentiation rather than price.
    • To provide exceptional customer service, reliability & customer satisfaction.
    • To satisfy our client requirements, we aim to partner with leading consultants & deliver trend setting projects.



    • Mr. Suresh C Jain

      Metro Group owes its foundation to Mr. Suresh C Jain, a long standing serial entrepreneur with established Trading firms in Navi Mumbai. With the vision to change the skylines of Navi Mumbai, he co-founded Metro Group Builders and Developers offering distinct residential apartments at affordable rates. Under his guidance, The Group has witnessed steady growth over the past decade into becoming one of the finest developers in Navi Mumbai and Chembur regions of the MMR. With nearly 15 years’ of experience in the development of real-estate, Mr. Suresh C Jain is responsible for handling a financially sound and highly regarded firm in the investor market.

    • Mr. Hitesh S Jain

      B E CIVIL, MIT Pune

      M.Sc. Management, Imperial College, London

      Mr. Hitesh Jain, is a boon to Metro Group who independently handles all the day to day operations of the business and is responsible for success of major completed and upcoming projects. The buck stops at Hitesh for land acquisition, site management, sales, etc. to ensure smooth project progress. He is also responsible for the business development and Strategy of the group going forward to attain the vision set by the Founders.

    • Mr. Mayank Kothari

      He is the son of Mr. Laxman S Kothari, a long standing reputed businessman of Chembur carrying on business under the name of Mahalaxmi Jewellers, Chembur for over 25 years. In Metro Group, Mayank is responsible for handling Banking and Finance.

    Executive Directors

    • Mr. Chirag S Jain – Marketing and Sales

      Master of Advertising – RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

    • Mr. B Parmar- Liaison and Approvals


    Metro Group Logo: Real Estate Developers and Builders

    Red : Strength

    The color red is a symbol of action, power and courage. The ingredients crucial for the successful growth of an enterprise. Moreover, it represents the drive to deliver the finest results, thus bringing an aura of positivity to the ensemble.

    Grey :For reliability

    The color grey highlights the corporate nature of the group. It suggests reliability and maturity that comes with years of experience. Once combined with red, it brings passion, energy and life to the entire identity.


    MCHI (Maharashtra Chamber of Housing Industry)

    Metro Group is proud to have been associated with one of the most prominent real estate body in Mumbai the MCHI (Maharashtra Chamber of Housing Industry) MCHI-CREDAI brings together members dealing in Real Estate Development on one common platform to address various issues facing the Industry.

    BANM (Builders Association of Navi Mumbai)

    Metro Group is honored to be a part of BANM (Builders Association of Navi Mumbai), one of the prestigious and the apex body of developers/builders across the city. Apart from holding a National Convention every year, the body also assembles regional level conferences and seminars. Mega exhibitions are held in Navi Mumbai each year for builders/developers to show their latest offerings in the market.

    "Excellence in Design award" at The MCHI CREDAI Exhibition 2016 at BKC.

    Metro Group participated in MCHI-CREDAI Great Mumbai Property Festival 2016 held at MMRDA Ground,BKC Stall No.20 (Hall 2) between 6th October to 9th October and we have added a feather to our goodwill when we acheived the "Excellence in Design award" for the Best Stall. The award was received by Mr. Sujit Jadhav, Sales Manager and Mr. Praveen Mayar, Sales Executive.

    YOUTH (Young Organization of Urban Township and Habitats)

    Mr. Hitesh Jain, Managing Director of Metro Group is an active member of YOUTH (Young Organization of Urban Township and Habitats) Association ever since its inception in 2013. The committee consists of young, established real-estate tycoons from the Navi Mumbai region.


    Ever since its inception, Metro Group has been associated with a conscious effort in sustainable development. We understand the responsibility towards our planet and the use of its natural resources. Given the rise of civilization that is taking place, there has been a constant rise in wide-ranging environmental damage. Keeping the situation in mind, we feel responsible as one of the wheels of civil development. Hence, Metro Group keeps a check on the Mother Nature’s health, which has formed one of its core values.

    Not only do we aim towards providing benchmark spaces in terms of quality and luxury but are also continuously striving towards building sustainable infrastructure. Our designs remain to be energy and water efficient through maximum use of eco-friendly material.
    Metro Group has been a strong supporter of using renewable energy sources in place of the conventional source that often results in environmental damage. Also, our past and upcoming projects are put up in such a way that utilizes daylight and ventilation to the fullest. In the end, we promise to shorten our carbon emissions that result in a positive impact to Planet Earth.

    Some of our green initiatives include:
    • Use of CFC free air-conditioning systems
    • Efficient utilization of recycled water for flushing and landscaping.
    • Maximum use of energy efficient CFL lighting fixtures
    • Ensuring little to no harm of flora and fauna at our construction sites
    • Larger than normal terraces resulting in ample landscaping.
    • Establishing efficient irrigation systems to prevent minimum water use


    Design and Architect: Metro Group India

    • Design Architects
      Architect Albert Phoenix
      Amit N Patil Architects
      UDA Architects
    • Liaison Architects
      K.K. Shah Architects
    • R.C.C. Consultant
      Structural Concepts Designs Pvt. Ltd
    • Electrical Consultant
      Bahulekar Associates
    • MEP Consultant
      E.C.P.H.C Associates
    • Landscape Consultant
      PS Landscape Design
    • Advocate & Solicitor
      Solomon and Co.
    • Waterproofing Partner


    • Brand Management
    • Corporate Logo & Strategy
    • Digital Media
       Logo of Amura: A Digital Marketing Agency  
    • Media and Promotion
    • Banks & Financial Institutes

    Metro Group Verticals

    Turbhe Iron and Steel Trading Private limited:

    Turbhe Iron and Steel Trading Private limited is one of the prominent distributors of various steel sections in Navi Mumbai. Ever since its inception i.e. more than two decades ago, the business has seen tremendous growth and market value in the trading circuit.

    Founded in 1990, the company owes its origin to Shri Champalal Jain and has dominated the market ever since. Together with his son Mr. Suresh C Jain, the company has evolved into becoming a leader in supplying quality products to the various industries. The value proposition of this trading giant lie in the wide range of branded products and its ability to retain brand loyalty.

    Phone: 022-27821462/9664884803

    Fun Square Entertainment Pvt. Ltd:

    Metro Group has observed a business opportunity in the growing field of multiplex entertainment leading to a strategic investment in Fun Square.

    In the year 2010, the first Fun Square multiplex was constructed to accommodate the need of cinema lovers in and around Panvel. After receiving major success in its first venture, Fun Square cinema has been expanding its reach by opening multiplexes at places like Lavassa and Talegaon. In all of its joint ventures, Fun Square has been the first entrant in its geography and have dominated ever since. To know more about Fun Square Entertainment, find below our contact details.

    Phone: 022 41228906 | 41228907

    Email Id: info@metrogroupindia.com

    Metro Industrial Land Investments:

    Metro Group undertakes strategic land investment deals for locations like Mahad MIDC and Mangaon MIDC. For enquiries, find below our contact details

    Phone: 022 41228906 | 41228907

    Email Id: info@metrogroupindia.com